Beach House carnival 2013 review

Beach house has always been a fixture on my fete road map for Trinidad carnival. Over the years I have built many a memory in that fete and almost all of them very very pleasant ones.
The last few years people have been telling me about C’est La Vie, that it’s time to try something new. Well I had considered this but for over 150usd I wasn’t sure I wanted to take any chances. Beach house is old faithful and they had a new venue that I wanted to see.

The drive in to the new venue was much shorter than years gone by. Entry was a breeze as usual and we were greeted at the gate by nuvo and paparazzi. A tour of the venue revealed all the details and luxuries we have come to expect from beach house. Top class food, top shelf liquor, lots of space and a bar that can only be described as stuffed with bartenders.

With many of these expensive fetes you can often expect a stiff crowd with lots of stushness…not here. I don’t know if it was just my crew near the water but I was holding on for dear life as soon as I ate my meal. Women were pelting and I mean pelting waist.
The vibes were right and it just got better all night. The fact it took less than 10 seconds to get a drink from the bar probably helped with that.

Now it’s not all gravy. The venue, though spacious, didn’t have the raw beauty of the previous Couva venue and the crowd was lacking a bit of the visual oomph of previous years. Could this lack of oomph be the influence of Cest La Vie? Maybe. All I know is that the waterfront crew had a blast in a fete that catered to ALL my needs.

Next year I’m sure we will have a long debate about Cest La Vie vs Beach House. Let’s just say the CLV side will have to come GOOD to tear me away from old faithful.

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