Hello all.  It’s discussion time again!

There is quite a furor about this photo from cropover (see left).  It shows….well we can all see what it shows!  The issue is the firestorm of opinions it has raised.  EVERY year someone will snap photos of a) A topless girl b)a skimpily clad girl c)A girl on the road in a compromising position and thousands of people (mostly women) will comment.  “Whore”, “Slut” etc etc.
People….Stop it!  I have had to retake many a photo because the first one was unflattering or showed a nipple or worse.

If you have breasts, you HAVE had a nip slip.  Even if you don’t know it.

Now I personally think she IS dressed skimpily and I wouldn’t want to see my sister/wife/daughter dressed quite so revealingly but at the same time if she is comfortable in her skin and its not hurting you whats the deal.  Leave her alone!

We see men in spandex every year with their junk printed out for the world to see….you don’t see women calling them names.  Well this specimen to the right was called “black stallion”, “mandingo” etc by the ladies.  Red speedo’s and sweat.  He is just as scantily dressed!

Yes, we have to recognise that the world is not level and there is a double standard but its 2012…CHILL!

I for one will rally to this woman’s defence.  First we ban skimpy costumes….next we will all be wearing Burqa’s (I jest).

If you look at her other photos for the day (see below) you will see that while VERY skimpy its not obscene!

Take a step back, relax and enjoy YOURSELF at carnival.  Dont let other people rile you up and don’t hate on others.  A Burqa clad lady in the middle east is calling you names saaame way in your “conservative” costume 🙂

Here is a photo of her in a more “flattering” light:)

 Rant over!


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