Where is the power soca??

For a long time a major problem I had with soca, especially in Jamaica, was the insane pace and energy of power soca. When I started my love affair with carnival, Jamaican DJs were convinced that they simply had to play the most energetic soca they possibly could for as long as possible to get a crowd hype.

I, on the other hand, preferred the more manageable pace of groovy soca to wine and chip to. Power soca was too much mash toe and sweat.

Now, years later, the pendulum seems to be swinging the other way.

2014 it seems we had a year with no very memorable power soca tunes. It was all groovy.
Not sure if it’s that the masses want more groovy, if it’s more marketable to mainstream non Caribbean audiences or that the best of our musical talent is over the hill and can’t manage young people ting again:)

The experience has shown me that we need a balance. Groovy is essential but every now and again we need that power in our ear to light our souls on fire !

Who will bring the power for 2015!!

Thanks to Malonemediagroup for the cover art.