When u miss carnival… The stages of grief.

So it’s finally happened.
After years of playing mas in your favourite carnival something has finally thrown a monkey wrench in your plans.
If may be a large unexpected bill.
It may be prior obligations or a new job or a baby on the way.
Whatever it is, you can’t make your carnival.
Here is what to expect.


At first there is denial.
At first you will on the face of it realise carnival can’t work but you will refuse to internalise that notion. You are still looking at carnival costumes and making mental budgets at this point. Going through potential fete lists.  Your brain cannot comprehend the reality you face.


Then there is anger.
Eventually you will start to realise…. Hey! What the hell!
You will begin to feel anger at your “one guys week out” being taken away. WHYYYYYY!!??
Here is where u start sulking around the house.  Loved ones will find you slightly irritable (cranky as hell)


After that, comes bargaining.
Thus is when you fully internalise that your friends will be palancing around the savannah while you will be at work looking out the window. Things get serious at this point.  You draft up the resignation letter and/or start looking at flights to Trinidad from sat Feb 6 to Sunday feb 7 just to get a little taste of carnival. You mentally wiggle and squirm and think of ANY scenario that would get you your carnival fix.



Then comes despair
This is where your friends and family start finding you at odd hours, staring with sad eyes out your window. You start dragging your feet, and stop caring about personal appearance.
You are deep in a carnival Tabanca.  This is usually around the time carnival actually comes…. The “You hear the music but can’t find the band”  nightmare is oh so real.


Finally comes Acceptance.
Eventually… After much pain you have accepted your loss. But this experience can make you stronger.  Allow you to plan ahead further and do it better next the opportunity arises to take part in the greatest show on earth!

Time heals all things.