What motivates YOU for Carnival?

We all work hard to look our best for Carnival. Some of us start ‘preparing’ from ash Wednesday all the way to the next year, while some of us start days before on water and celery diets. At the end of the day for most of us Carnival is the that time of year when you want to look your absolute best. But, think about it? What’s your motivation?

Objectify me!

Ok, I’ll come out and say it. For me, those 2 days on the road are the only times for the year when the tables are absolutely turned, and I’m objectified by women! [Not implying that I would EVER objectify women of course :)] It’s almost as if for those two days I’ve entered into some sort of alternate world where the rules are reversed and it’s ok for women to be forward, it’s ok for women to come to ME and dance with ME, it’s ok for women to pretty much take on the role that typically held by men. You know what, I LIKE IT!

This for me, is a healthy dose of motivation to work out. Yes, I know the health benefits should be the primary motivation for working out. But, being honest with myself and with you, I love being objectified on the road and I can’t really expect to be treated like a piece of meat if I’m looking like a piece of bacon instead of a lean piece of steak.

The photos

If it’s one thing I’ve realized after having participated in Carnival a couple times, it’s that there are hundreds of people all around taking photos. Some people might hate this, some people, they love it. I’m somewhere in the middle. But, rest assured, knowing that at any point a photographer might sneak up for that candid shot definitely helps make sure I make the sacrifice and get my behind in the gym. Unlike women, I don’t have fancy feathers, wings, boots, eyelashes and nails. All I have is a can of sunblock and a half naked body covered in sweat from chipping down the road. That knowledge is more than enough to motivate me to put in the work and make the sacrifices I need to ensure that the half naked body looks at least semi decent for that candid shot that will end up forever on the internet!

Nobody likes a quitter!

Whether you realize it or not, Carnival is a marathon! Not a sprint, not a half marathon, a full on MARATHON! Sure the music, the people, the liquor, the euphoria help get you through it, but, it helps a whole lot to be at least somewhat physically prepared. I’d hate to be the guy who ‘take a rest’ because I just can’t keep up with the sometimes frantic pace on the road. So, to make sure I can chip, palance, advantage, trample it, ALL day long for 2 days straight, I hit the gym and the hill (cardio) well in advance of those two glorious days!

Plus, being fit before means you don’t feel like a truck ran you over after!

Different strokes for different folks

I know some people may not care much about the physical, don’t even SEE the photographers and are fortunate enough to be able to keep up on the road without so much as doing a jumping jack before. But, I’m not one of those people. For those two days, I want to look my best, feel my best, and enjoy it to the fullest. So, treat me like a piece of meat while taking a photo of me chipping down the road at 3pm in the afternoon. Lord knows I’ve worked hard for it!

So, do YOU do any preparing for Carnival?

Thanks to LiveStush for the cover photo!

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