Welcome to Lehwego.com. Carnival, from a man’s point of view.


Today I have decided to take a plunge. I have decided to try and take this blog to the next level.

It’s now over 2 years since I started lehwego.com as a hobby following in my cousins footsteps after he started Randomli.com.
At that time I had been going to carnival for several years and life had degenerated to: Carnival… Carnival prep…. Carnival (repeat).
I decided this was what I was going to blog about and to do it from my own, male point of view.
Since then, like minded individuals have joined me and the Lehwego Team was born! Along with me (manli), we have thinkAkil and Lawless. On the female side there is Butter P as a regular contributor.


I’m now going to try a few new things.
The first step is a Facebook ad! I’m assuming that I will have millions and millions of new hits after that (right?) and I want to put my best foot forward.

The blog is organised into categories… You can see them up at top of the page under the logo. I want to share some of my favorites:

Wining Etiquette.

Carnival Smorgasbord.

Underwear selection for carnival….yes it IS important!

Proper use of a camera in carnival.

Losing your carnival virginity.

Married?…earn your carnival.

Should you play mas with your significant other?

We also do fete reviews, often with videos.
Take a look at some of our top videos in the following playlist.  We have many more, look around our YouTube Channel!

I also have fitness tips for achieving your carnival body (remember to whiten your teeth!)

A new section just added is where to fete. Check here for info on upcoming events including those recommended by lehwego.

Check out our Facebook page and all our photos (click like)


We plan to party hard come Trini carnival. Come and prepare with us as we get ready to star the greatest show on earth.

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