The Proper use of a camera in Carnival

It is mid November and already carnival is in the air.  New soca is coming fast and furiously and I’m already getting my crew organized to start paying for tickets (cant be too early).

In the few weeks we have leading up to carnival I will occasionally give important tutorials on specific carnival “techniques”.

Today is the proper and effective use of a camera by a carnival veteran.

These techniques are best executed by 2 guys working in concert.

1. Identify your target.  She must be impressive.  Preferably someone out of your league normally (If such a being exists) and who has no interest in wining with you.

2. Wingman goes to the said lady and asks/signals for her to take a picture with his bredrin.  Now this is carnival time and like Micheal Kakes noted in an earlier post…ladies love the attention..they want to feel special and beautiful.  In all the years I have been to carnival, I have NEVER had any woman EEEEEEVER refuse to pose for a photo.  It just doesn’t happen.  Sun going to rise tomorrow?…roughly equivalent in reliability.

3. She immediately pulls up beside your partner
-angles her body towards the camera with the shoulders back,
-puts one toe on the ground a little in front of her,
-bends the knee of that leg and turns the knee towards the straight leg and puts the hand closest to the camera either on her hip or lets it hang…paris hilton style.
-turns her head towards the camera and smiles (exactly the same way no matter what)


Its called the FACEBOOK FOOT pose.  This is not what you want.  You will be instantly forgotten once the flash goes off.  So on to the next step.

4.Ask/signal for her to get more into the photo...signal to get closer like they can’t fit in the photo…signal for them to hug up….signal for a wining pic…etc..etc.

By the time this photo session is over your partner should know everything about this lady and have gotten a wine to boot!


At  this point, simply switch posession of the camera and repeat


So ends lesson one.  It seems so simple and silly that many of you guys are probably laughing, saying this post is lame….many of you ladies are thinking back and recognizing a pattern…..

Hey its carnival and 95% of the time this isn’t needed, but we here at Lehwego are all about that 5%.


Don’t let a good % go to waste!


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