In the Future costume design WILL change.

I recently saw yet another call from veterans on the carnival scene for the death of bikini beads and feathers mas.

Should this form of mas die?
What would replace it?
Do people really want the change (with their pockets… Not hearts)


Well my advice is don’t worry. Change will come.
I don’t think we should aim for a return of the days of old with regards to costume styling but I do think we should see CHANGE.
Right now carnival on a whole is stuck in the infamous BBF mode….
Bikini, beads and feathers.
Changing from this doesn’t have to be (and WILL NOT be) a quantum shift.
Small steps will (have to) do.
A small shift in the type of materials….. A step away from the ordinary…. Bodywear that is sexy without leaving your  privates COMPLETELY exposed (which is in itself a slippery slope).


It will take some real cajones for a major band to risk money on something new as, although many shout for “new”, not as many put their money where their mouths are. Making a costume that’s as different as K2K’s unique designs (pictured) may be a financial disaster, even for a brand name popular band. However once at least a SMALL step is taken we may eventually see a quantum shift (Then in 10 years listen to people call for a return of the days of bikini beads and feathers). And don’t worry, many of the women playing mas today do so with the desire to look sexy (sometimes skimpy) and enticing on carnival day.  No matter the changes we see I feel confident that those characteristics will remain in any new designs.

Next is the lack of sticking to theme.
For me this is not so big a deal. When I buy a Ford Mustang I’m not too upset of it doesn’t look like an actual mustang(horse). Personally I feel that the names of sections have been arbitrary for years and years, and you know what, I’m ok with that.  Just make sure I’m comfortable on the road and I look good in something that isn’t simply regurgitated from last year.  Maybe the future will bring us back to costumes sticking to themes if new materials and styles emerge.


So for now hold strain and enjoy the costumes we do have.   They do look beautiful and the fun you have in them is mind boggling. Who knows what the future will hold.

Play Ah Mas!


photo credit K2K mas band.