Techno-dance-soca fusion…the future?


Candace, one of the most die hard soca fanatics I know always told me she hated other forms of music in carnival.  She didn’t want to hear any dancehall sounding remix or latin sounding beats.  To my (and her) surprise her favorite song this year was the A.O.A/Where yu from combo.  The dance beat was mesmerizing and the songs have a true cross-over appeal while still keeping very true to their carnival roots.

Destra is the latest to come out with a dance-soca fusion, just in time for Cropover.

Destra Breaking Away (Leaked Version)

Destras song sounds great in my opinion with my one personal critisism being that she sounds different like she is trying to sing a dance song instead of a soca song whereas Machel and Kes sounded more like their usual selves.

I, for one welcome this fusion. I think that there is space for it as long as the music continues to bring that joyous happy feeling.  The fusions gives greater crossover appeal and can only increase the exposure soca gets around the world.  What says you?

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