Taking better photos without buying a better camera

Recently I have found myself trying more and more to get better photos when I go out to review parties and the such.  I have big plans for Trinidad and if all goes well will have many a beautiful photo to show for it.  I won’t just hope I take better photos though.  I plan to hone my craft, learn from those who have the skill….make myself better!

So, after some research, I have put together a plan to make sure my photography is completely kick ass next year February.

Step One.  Composition!

One of the first things I learned when trying to make my photography better was the rule of  thirds.  The simple version is that the focal, important part of the photo, eg. The subjects eyes or that bouncing bumsee, should lie either on or at the intersection of lines that cut the photo into vertical and horizontal thirds

it’s a simple concept but it really really works to make photos look more well composed.

Apart from simple things like the rule of thirds you should also look deeper at composition.  Try to tell a story with your photos,  keep an eye on your background to try and make sure its telling the same story.   If possible, look for patterns and take photos of people in action (minimize posed shots).


Step Two.Master your equipment

My personal preference is to use prime lenses (lenses that cannot zoom) as they tend to give better photos .  Take the time to get to know whatever lens and camera you use. If  you can, try to make it a good  camera with a lot of capabilities.

Physically…..literally, read the manual.  Sit down and fiddle with all the settings.

Get used to your lens,  learn what distance is best for your subject.

Learn how to get bokeh from your len.



Once again the old saying “practise makes perfect” rings true.  Oil up the ole camera and get to snapping.


Take a read of these two articles for more on these topics:








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