So you want a frontline costume for Carnival 2014?…It’s more than JUST a costume

For the fellas a frontline costume often means a slighlty bigger headpeice, but for the ladies its more than a big, gorgeous costume, It’s a state of mind!

Take a look at a contributed article from Jodi-Ann Aleza  about some of what goes into going FRONTLINE!




“So You Want to Jump Frontline…”


Carnival Sunday in Jamaica, look around and you’ll see women upon women upon women, all scantily-clad and gyrating their bodies. When you’re on the road, they’re all around you. Most of them are in identical costumes, maybe a little spruce here and there to make things interesting. And then, there is the frontline.

Whether they are in intricate wire bras or are sporting extravagant plumage upon head, shoulders and arms, these women tend to be some of the sexiest on the road. I and a few friends would like to join these ranks for 2014. Thinking about this, I came up with a few things to keep in mind if you too are hoping to stand out Carnival day.



Jumping frontline is not cheap. This is fact. These costumes and embellishments are guaranteed to up your budget if that’s the route you’re choosing to take. Cost depends on what exactly you want and trust me, there are several options. There is wire versus normal bra, headpieces, shoulder pieces, arm pieces, collars, bejewelled panties… And then the design and intricacy of whatever you choose is going to affect the price as well. These costumes take added time and money to make so if you’re not willing to shell out that additional cost, there are still gorgeous and more economic backline costumes to choose from every year.


First and foremost, if you do not have the confidence to back it up, do not go for a frontline costume. Confidence is absolute key. You simply must ooze self-assuredness and comfort in your own skin. There are few things less off-putting than a woman clearly uncomfortable in her costume. So ladies, boost up that ego from now.

Secondly, prepare for the attention. You will get lots of it. If you’re the type to enjoy yourself as long as you’re not the centre of attention, the frontline is not for you. The whole point is to stand out. When you pass in a frontline costume, your fellow revellers, the photographers and the spectators will all notice. Be prepared for unwanted attention as well. You may get some lewd comments, but the best thing you can do is take it all in stride and have fun regardless.


Fact: frontline costumes are gorgeous. It should go without saying then, that you make sure your body is too. Set a realistic goal and strive for it. Lose what should be lost, tone what should be toned. It is best to start working out from now (if you don’t already). Starting months in advance of the big day is a good way to not only lose weight healthily, but also helps you to get into a routine and develop discipline. That way, after road march is long and gone, you will (hopefully) still be maintaining that frontline body. Aim for overall fitness as well. There’s no point in looking sexy and then you pop dung barely halfway through the march. Also, getting fit, healthy and sexy is a great way to boost your confidence so that helps with the getting the right mind-set.

In all of this, REMEMBER that ordering of costumes, both frontline and backline, is months in advance of Road March. So whatever your goal is, strive for it with that timeline in mind. You don’t want to order a certain size and then lose more weight and have an ill-fitting costume.



DSC07073Weight loss/gain or no, it is essential that you know your body type. The type of frontline costume you choose should enhance your body and your best features, not highlight your less than ideal ones. Additionally, to put it simply: it should fit. Wire bras are simply not for everyone. I single that out specifically because I know that is what most people think of when they think frontline. If your bosom- whether large or small- is not on the perkier side of things, a regular bra is probably the better option. You can still get frontline additions like a collar or headpiece that will make you stand out and look fabulous. Then there are the different designs for wire bras. Some offer more coverage, others offer only the most minimal. You should know your breasts, so choose accordingly.

As for all the pieces (head, shoulder, etc.), choice is also important here. If your head is small, a larger than life headpiece is not the best of ideas. If you’re insecure about your arms, the design of arm pieces can flatter them or bring negative attention to them. It is simply about knowing your body type and knowing what will compliment it.


So yes, okay, I know carnival is many months away. And of course, there are other factors apart from these to consider. These however are the ones worth considering from now, no matter what you want to jump in. As far as frontline goes, you’re going to want to have more money, more confidence and a banging body. So starting now, plan your budget, work on your self-confidence and achieving that banging body and know what looks good for you.



There you have it…From the pen of an aspiring Frontline Diva. 

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Will YOU do frontline next carnival??

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