Postscript to Crop Over

Let me apologise for my delinquency. It’s been just about a month since Crop Over passed and there’s been nary a peep out of me, for reasons including busy schedule, writers’ block (hard to find the words to describe the experience) and just things that popped up.

Let me just say, regarding Crop Over, there was good news and there was bad news…

The bad news is short and not something I wish to dwell on, because I’m long past it: on Kadooment Day, I had a drawstring pouch picked off me, which was holding my phone, my camera and my wallet. Not a nice experience and despite a police report, I haven’t recovered the goods. Losing the wallet wasn’t a big deal, I simply stopped all my cards and got them reissued. Losing the phone (tons of contact information) and the camera (tons of photo memories), both of which were very expensive, was a big deal. I was a little depressed about it in the few days that followed and kinda pissed at myself that I could’ve been picked off so easily and not even noticed.

But eh – shit happens. Despite that nasty little experience, I can nevertheless say that this was, by some distance the most epic Crop Over I’ve ever had.

Since I’ve been away for so long, I think I’m going to make up for it by providing not only my experiences on the various events I attended and the atmosphere of the season, but also some tips which I discovered and which should definitely come up in handy for anyone flying in next year. I have something of a headstart, with 11 months before the next Crop Over, so look out for more regular content.

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