My Miami carnival budget

So, in my new whatsapp chat for Miami carnival (yet ANOTHER new group chat), I worked out that my entire Miami carnival trip will cost me less that my Trinidad fetes.

Money tree

Let’s look at the breakdown.

Travel from Thursday night to monday morning

Flight from Jamaica to ft lauderdale (make sure you stay closer to miami though)

Accommodation on friends couch in miami.

350 (approx. Using last year’s estimates) 5 fetes

Transport (car rental shared between 2 persons)

Costume (basic)



Your budget may be different depending on your kotching powers and fete list etc but overall it’s hard to beat.

As stated it may cost as little as 1100usd which is astounding for a carnival outside of my home country.

With the added expense of a reasonable hotel it will be just over 1300usd.  Still pretty damn good.
Now let’s see what the wine to dollar ratio turns out to be.


Is Miami in YOUR budget?