Let’s do new fetes and carnivals for 2018. Become a virgin again!

We here at LEHWEGO have been riding a fantastic carnival wave for years now.

I have moved from one carnival a year to 4!

But for the last few years I’ve grown restless I’ve been doing pretty much the same carnivals and same fetes for years, over and over.

Well for 2018 we are going to make some changes.

Starting with Trinidad

For Trinidad we will be staying for a shorter time (saving those vacation days) and trying as many new fete as we can.  Which fetes you ask……I’m open for suggestions!

Chime in on the Facebook page and tell me what new fetes are worthy of our time!

For the road we will be switching it up a little with Rogue carnival band.  They promise an alternative style mas experience with less stress and more fetting.

For Jamaica we all know where I will be.

If you haven’t been I’m personally inviting you to come and experience it with ME.  If you have been here but played in another band I invite you to try something exciting and new for Carnival in Jamaica with XAYMACA INTERNATIONAL.
The rest if 2018 is up for grabs.  With the extra vacation days I’m open to trying several new summer festivals.

I have heard about and am considering 2 or 3 from this list:

Bahamas, Bermuda heroes weekend, St Vincent, Antigua, St Lucia, Grenada, Labour day parade in USA, Nottinghill in the UK.

If you know of any others feel free to make suggestions…

It’s time to capture new smiles.  Experience new music and new cultures.