Lehwegofrontline 2013 sneak peeks

Lehwegoftonline has grown from stregth to stregth this year with a more than 300% rise in our (admittedly modest) numbers.  This is all part and parcel of my goal of making Jamaica carnival a more glorious spectacle of colour and helping people to realize that we too can rock blinged out frontline costumes.

[amazon asin=B006X3E51I,B007BLK3WQ,B0027WKAO0,B004D9A2PM,B003XKBRP6,B003AHBOMS&text=www.amazon.com&template=carousel&chan=default]

We have closed our ordering service and are now well on our way to completion of all the orders.  This therefore makes it the perfect time to release fuzzy, closeups of a few of the products to get your blood boiling:)





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