LehWeGo Returns!

Ello, Yello….I am back in the building! (Bounty killer voice)

Yes, I have returned after a short hiatus and as you can see things have changed (hopefully for the better).

First thing first.  From now on the blog will be LehWeGo! but I, your humble blogger, shall from hence forth be called……..ManLi.

Second thing second.  I have gotten some help.  From now on ThinkAkil from Randomli.com will be a regular guest blogger on LehWeGo.com.  We also have ThinkAkil to thank for the extensive redesign of the site and what will be a change in the way the posts are written and illustrated.  He is an excellent writer and I am looking forward to his contributions.




I am doing these things because I feel the time has come.  The time to move from a budding amateur blogger to the King of the carnival blogosphere.

The rocker of your carnival world.

The Sith Lord of your carnival empire, with my trusty apprentice by my side.

All effort will be put into making Lehwego bigger and better from this point onwards.  I will, over the next month or so, take time to carefully reformat and improve all of your favorite old posts, makingthem easier to read and more pleasurable to view.


Make sure to add us to your iGoogle homepage by clicking on “add gadgets”  near the top right and then finding “add feed or gadget” and entering  www.lehwego.com/feed.

Check back later for the first of regular posts by ManLi and ThinkAkil


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