j’Ouvert. The safest carnival event?

In these times we have to get back to some semblance of normal life while at the same time being as safe as possible. In a worst case scenario, it is possible that covid19 simply joins the flu as another seasonal virus that, despite a vaccine, comes around annually due to an only short lasting immunity.

Hopefully this doomsday scenario doesn’t come to pass but either way it’s time to change the way we do things to make ourselves safer.

Carnival as we knew it will HAVE to change, just like everything else. Shouting up and singing in the faces of others, spewing droplets all over is of course, unacceptable.

Just like when we go to the supermarket, we MUST wear masks religiously at all carnival related events. This will be a tremendous departure from the norm where ladies would go all out with makeup and hair to look their best, as now masks and their related straps will have that all under wraps!

But this had me thinking. There is one carnival event where pretty makeup and hair don’t really matter. Where it’s quite acceptable and normal to wear a face covering.


The one event where every Creed and race come together. Black, white, rich, poor, all become one under a kaleidescope of paint, mud, oil and powder.

Wearing a mandatory mask (and goggles for added safety) wouldn’t be a burden but instead, it’s a convenience!

I am already seeing signs of jouvert on the horizon locally and maybe this is a relatively safe way to test the waters in finding a new carnival normal……

When the time comes, will you play j’Ouvert?

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