If you suffer, it’s twice as nice

While sitting at my table after lunch, still a bit hungry after my salad with a little lean chicken, I came to the realization that in order for carnival to really serve its purpose as a cathartic you MUST suffer!
This doesn’t mean using a lashing yourself with whips, gouging out your eyes or using a portapotty but it does mean you need to earn it.


The way you do is usually up to you (but sometimes it’s out of your hands).

For me, sufferation takes the form of:

Working extra hours, far,far from home to earn the money to pay for it.
Torture at the hands of my trainer at the gym and
Starvation in the face of many of my friends eating cake.

The result of all this is that I’m due for a “let loose”, and heaven help you if you try to get in my way!

Do your thing. If it means extra work, extra exercise, walking all bout to get tickets for your crew, changing diapers, whatever….just do it diligently…..our time soon come!

Suffer to enter the kingdom of man heaven carnival!

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