Hotel vs Kotching for 2012

Plans are already well underway for carnival 2012.  Bands will soon be launching themes and before you know it its time to buy costumes.

One of the big decisions for this year is going to be using a hotel vs. squeezing at a friends house.

A spare bedroom of a friend of mine in Tunapuna has for years been our base of operations.  

This year is different.  For the first time, my wife will be coming along for carnival.

She started this year with Jamaica carnival and is now a carnival addict, singing soca every morning in the shower and planning out our trip already.  

This leads me to wonder if a hotel would be better this year. 

As a man out with the guys I am willing to tolerate almost any living condition, including sleeping on cold hard concrete if needed, to get my annual carnival fix.

Im sure wifey would be a little less tolerant.   

The hotel would be comfortable and closer to the fetes but would also increase the cost of our trip dramatically.  

What would you do?

–ManLi Me




2 thoughts on “Hotel vs Kotching for 2012

  • May 28, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    How stush is your wife? Is she friends with your friends? Maybe she wouldn’t mind toughing it out with the guys for a few days… #justsaying…

  • June 1, 2011 at 4:01 am

    I have done bike week with 13 of us total…and there was only 1.5 females present including me. lols. I was one of the bike riders, and I drove the Avalanche that trailered 9 of the 11 bikes, so the rule was all drivers get actual beds to sleep on…even if I had not been one of the drivers, the couch was fine with me, as they also had sleeper sofas. It was actually a really classy and beautiful condo with a beach view, stunning, but not so romantic with 11 men plotting out their exploits for the weekend and talking ish nonstop. Trinidad 2011 was actually my first time doing a vacation with any females (had male and female in the group), I always end up travelling with males in the past cause they roll like me, down for whatever and not caring about the room and all the prissy stuff, just about the great time we’re there to have. If your wife is the typical female that cannot drop a blanket on the ground of a friend’s house or kotch up on a couch and be just fine for a week…get a guesthouse double room with private bathroom. Cheaper than hotel, stusher than the kotching ting. I would tell my man let’s NOT spend that money on the housing cause if I am in there more than 4 hours a day something is very wrong! I don’t go to a carnival to palahz off in a room, it’s not that kind of vacation! I stayed at a guesthouse and if I can’t find someone to kotch with next time I go, I’ll stay there again, cause the proximity to band routes carnival day was invaluable when running late! Alternatively, you can try Free couches and beds depending on who’s hosting, all free.

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