Getting the most out of your carnival experience. Part 1.

I started my carnival fanaticism  with very humble carnival experience.  Over time and via the school of hard knocks I now know the things to do in order to maximise my money,  time and enjoyment in carnival.

Most of these tips are simple common sense, but stick to them and you are sure to have a grand time.


Don’t beat around the bush. 

This initial step is an important one.  Carnival is a dish best  shared among friends. You and your crew need to research well in advance what fetes you are going to and when the time comes….close your eye and click buy.  Having one friend left out because they took too long to buy a ticket sucks.  Don’t let it happen to you. Lean on the experience of the more experienced among you or on your friendly carnival website for guidance on which fetes to try.

Friends stick together 

Some of my most enjoyable carnival memories come not from the throes of a carnival fete or the ecstasy of the road but from the lime with your friends in between fetes.  Try to arrange accommodations with, or very close to one another.  This facilitates both these informal limes and getting to and from fetes (if u don’t have accommodation by now don’t worry…..Jamaica carnival soon come).


Also, try to arrange a scheduled lime with your crew.  Taking the time out to grab a group meal gives you all time to catch up on old times and brings the group closer together, not to mention gives your livers some rest and allows you to gather your energy for the fetes to come.

Find the balance 

This is one of the most important aspects of your carnival experience… Finding the alcoholic balance between a boring sober time and a memory erasing inebriated time is VERY important.  I have always found it best to drink till you get that faint “buzz” . Once you feel that, stop drinking and go forth and enjoy the fete.  Think of this buzz as your fluffer. It’s there to get you started but you can take it from there with your natural vibes. Doing things this way allows you to release your inhibitions but still have a grasp on reality.  And even more importantly allows you to remember the epic time you had. Do not underestimate the importance of those sweet memories. In 40 years they may be what puts a pep in your rocking chairs rocking.


Don’t overdo it 

In the past we have done one fete and it was great. We then did 2 fetes back to back and it was even greater.  Three fetes should be TRIPLE the fun…..Right??

Three fetes I think is the point where you start to experience diminishing returns.  The fun of the fete is balanced out by the sleep deprivation,  the sore feet, the bruised waistlines. You end up spending the money but not getting your moneys worth. Carnival is always coming and you don’t have to do it all in one carnival.


Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to maximise your carnival enjoyment as the date of the big show approaches!

What are your tips for a great time?