Dangerous Liaisons

You are on the road.  Having the time of your LIFE!  Euphoria washes over you!

Then…..All of a sudden, you feel a seismic shift in your colonic tectonic plates.  The resulting abdominal earthquake catches your attention.  Your pupils dilate, your short hairs raise, and the realization that a tsunami cometh hits you like a ton of bricks.

Your subconcious mind is a marvel of nature, because without any concious effort you mentally have a plan of action.  Despite your drunkardness, you remember which way will get you to the bathroom faster AND you somehow know that you have 8 minutes 32.34908 seconds before it’s too late.


OFF YOU GO!…The nakedest woman couldn’t get a wine if she got on her knees and begged…The thickest man is pushed aside with extreme prejudice…..You would fight the whole of tribe security if that’s what you needed to do.

Then, when you reach!

That’s o.k.  Misery loves company.  You wait in the line with the other fidgety, goosepimpled victims of yesterdays doubles.  Awaiting your turn to enter the blue(or green) box of doom!

I’m sure that in the past a story such as this was commonplace amongst carnival newbies.  In todays information age, it shouldn’t be.

Newbies can all learn from the mistakes of those that went before them.

When in trinidad for carnival you can literally get food all over the place.  Just leaving a fete at 5am? There is someone selling a little paper pouch full of curry and meat and roti.   The problem is, that while it may taste good, and you went to sample all things trinidadian, what you are eating may not be safe.

My advice.  Only eat from “reputable” establishments.  Try to minimize food purchases from roadside vendors at 5am while drunk.

See more advice here.

On another note.  Tomorrow is the launch of Bliss. If they have a live feed I will bring it to you but if not we will all await Saucy’s pics.  I will notify all those with the App as soon as the pics are available. See you then!




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