Crop Over is Upon Us!

It’s July!

A truly momentous month. We are in the thick of Crop Over and mere weeks away from Kadooment Day and the epic week of non-stop partying that will precede it. Until then, there will be some pit stops to ensure that the vibes cyah done.

As it stands, this is my new favourite song for the season:

A nice groovy tune that seems to encompass the feeling of euphoria one experiences  when Crop Over fever is in the air.

Besides the parties that I identified in my previous post,  Where to Party for Crop Over  I’ll be trying to hit up some of the events that pop up along the way. When going out, I find it’s best to keep your plans flexible: there are MANY occasions on which you will plan to go to one event and end up at 2 or 3 before the night is over. Not because you’ve gotten bored, but because someone has reliably informed you that another place is “full hype” and you need to check it out.

Meanwhile, my goal to get back in Trinidad Carnival shape is slightly behind time: I’ve really been slacking off. :/ But with approximately 4 weeks to go, I’m feeling extra motivated today and plan to incorporate Manli’s tips from earlier this year when pressed for time.

And this will be a necessity, because from next week, I plan to back my shirt at every fete I go to…


Are you going to “DO ROAD”?

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