Carnival is coming….Should she come too?

Some important notes written by ThinkAkil

So Carnival is coming.   Is your significant other is coming too?  Take a look at the different types of “sand” you can carry to the beach that is carnival and decide your next steps wisely!


1. The girl who SAYS she’s cool.. but on the inside, every girl you even brush past is an argument you’re going to have to deal with at a later point .. (“I saw you looking on that girl!!” ) – This type of girl should not play mas, come to fetes, or even drop you to the airport for your flight. Better to face the music before and after your carnival trip than to __CK up the whole trip

2. The girl who point blank is jealous, suspicious and paranoid. – Do not under any circumstances play mas with her. In fact… why are you even WITH her?


3. The Mas cuddle bunny. You know this type. The girl who wants to hold your hand and show ownership during carnival. I find..err I hear… this type of girl may be risky to take to carnival and play mas with. In some instances, you pay your dues by giving her a10 minute couples wine on the road, then you get liberated for a few hours….. on the other hand, you could get scolded that you’re paying other women more attention that her. – Play mas with this girl at your own risk.

4. The girl who has no clue what carnival is – Do not taint her. Leave her at home at all costs….



5. The monster winer – This is the type of girl that no matter how bad you think YOU are, she is worse. This is the type of girl that while you’re trying to take a wine off that sweet thing you’ll never see again in life, she is there taking a sweet front to front wine with hercules gently plaming her rear while he wines on her just a few paces away…. – Sure this type of girl is perfectly fine to take and play mas with, but…be warned… you better be a confident man to be able to manage when hercules has her legs over his shoulders.WINING ETIQUETTE PART 3.

Now the question is what type of man/woman are you?!