Bring your BEST body for carnival! 

I’m just today basking in the afterglow of competition after taking part in the Jamaican amateur bodybuilding and fitness Association show.

It’s been a focal point for all my efforts in the gym and my fitness related goals.

Along with that show,  and before it as well,  one of my greatest fitness motivators has been carnival.


As the years roll on we all find it harder to motivate ourselves to keep that fitness train rolling along. For those of us who have lost focus I can tell you that carnival has been a great motivator to get and stay in shape.  There is nothing like being admired openly by the opposite sex on the road because of the hard work you put into looking good.  In order to get on the road to achieving your body goals you will need a few things.


1. A decision 

This is THE most important step. You can’t get to the end of your journey without that first decisive step. You have to make a deep, binding decision that you want to achieve your best body and that you will do what is needed to achieve your goals. Sit and carefully consider this point.  If this goal isn’t important to you, you will not achieve it. . If you don’t deeply want this,  you will not achieve it.  Sit,  think carefully, and make….. your…. decision.

2. Educate yourself 

Trying your hardest achieve your goals is admirable. But without a clear path as to how to get where you are going,  you may never reach your goal to bring your best body and you may end up frustrating  yourself with slow progress.

Google is your friend and reputable sites abound with different ways to get a better body. I personally  think a great carnival body is a fit,  athletic looking MUSCULAR one. This applies or men and women.  When I get the heady thrill of a woman telling me I look amazing she isn’t telling me that based on my personality,  how much weight I can lift or how far I can run,  it’s based on how my body looks! That’s what bodybuilding is all about.

So I’m a firm believer that you should build that body you want with a combination of mostly weights,  high intensity interval training and slower cardio closer to carnival day.  On your journey of course you will use the scale but the ultimate measure of progress is your Mirror.

Making your workout is beyond the scope of this article but I advise you tolean on the shoulders of those who know what is needed.  If you want to look like an  physique competitor (male or female) ,  find a trainer who has competed or has trained competitors.

You MUST be consistent and do this as many days as possible per week. 3 days is not enough. I don’t think 4 days are enough. Do you want this?  Integrate it into your life.  At least 5 days a week.


3. Discard current mental limits and perceptions 

When u start with a good trainer it’s going to be very unpleasant. Early on you will have days where nausea will stop your workouts (hypoglycemia) and you will think this task impossible.  It’s up to you to remember your decision and stick with the program. Don’t expect to start at the top. You must fight through the early soreness and discomfort to reach your goals.

Caribbean Ladies,  you in particular have a phobia of lifting weights for fear of “getting too muscular”. I can’t change most of your minds,  but for those of you willing to give this a try please consider this.

A fully grown woman has the testosterone level of a 10year old boy. No matter how hard you work out its going to be more difficult to  build  “lots of muscle” than any guy and we work HARD for our gains.   My advice, work out like an animal…. That’s what it will take simply to reach your goals. Doing a “girly” workout is the path to failure and frustration as you will realise little to no progress. The human body is resilient….  real and consistent effort is needed to change it. The results you get are EXACTLY proportional to your effort.  Work Hard.

4.  Your diet must change. 

There are almost infinite sources of info on how to eat to lose weight.

There is a basic truth common to all.  You cannot lose weight unless you eat less calories than you need.

Think about that. Internalize it. Accept it.

This doesn’t mean long term starvation,  but you have to be cognizant of what you are eating (calorie density)  and how much you eat.

Keeping that in mind, Google a fitness diet and see how it works for you.

Here are some resources for women and men from

So, I invite you to join me on the Journey to Carnival 2017.  Look our for more blog posts with tips and tricks to make your path that little bit more efficient.