A Little Wine Never hurt Nobody ?

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This week I read an oldie but goodie on the Lehwego blog “The couple that plays mas apart,stays together” . If  you haven’t read it check it out.
Any who it started an interesting debate between my friends and I about couples feting etiquette so to speak. We all agreed we did not mind our significant others freeing up in a fete and taking a little wine. Lets face it no one wants to date THAT person who comes off as an over possessive control freak, however we ALL agreed that we didn’t want to feel disrespected either.

So what to do? I mean I want who ever I’m dating to feel comfortable enough while out with me that they can leh go in my presence rather than having a reenactment of Miley Cyrus twerking with Robyn Thicke at the VMA’s behind my back.


That said we came up with 7 cardinal rules for couples partying together in a Carnival Fete. Remember a little wine could hurt some body and you don’t want it to be you!

1. Keep the wine short  – Yes it’s a fete / party/ mas and your partner says it’s ok to dance with some one else , but don’t latch on to that person all night long, keep it brief. Personally I don’t go longer than the chorus or the brink of the song, if the song has ended and the dj has played  all the other songs on that rhythm and about to go into a different genre of music you have DEFINITELY over stepped your wining boundaries and deserve what ever attitude you get afterwards.

2. No touching  – Well besides the obvious waist lock that takes place when we Caribbean people dance. Men no hands on the females lower back or bam bam squeezing, ladies no legs thrown up around random dudes waist, just the basic straight forward wine bamcee to groin rotation,  the way our  forefather used to dance Hahaha . This leads to point#3

3. No Face to Face Dancing – You heard me no Face to Face dancing. This aint no iPhone to iPhone call, it’s a friendly wine therefore NO FACETIME. It may be innocent enough but it really does not send off the right message. I’m just saying :-/

4. Don’t Double Dip – Have you ever seen that episode of Seinfeld where George goes to a party dips a chip, takes a bite and then dips it again. (I know gross right) Same concept kinda. You dance with a stranger you take a wine and you move on. Dancing with the same person too often can send off some smoke signals that may be hard for you to explain to your kemosahbee. Enjoy each random dance as they come and let it stay that way. Random.

5. Control ya Boy– This one is for the guys. Note I am NOT a guy I don’t know what causes some guys to get that “excited” I don’t even know if it can be controlled but it came UP in our discussion, no pun intended, and I was told it deserved mention. So that being said if ya can’t control ya boy, don’t dance with anyone except the person you came with lol.

6. David Copperfield– He is a master illusionist and can make almost any object including himself disappear.  Don’t go pulling a David Copperfield and disappearing on your date from the start of the fete until the end.

7. DO Spread your hands and leh go. This really should have been #1. Hubby give wifey room to wine and Wifey cut hubby some slack and if all else fails blame it on the alcohol. 🙂

Disclaimer If you’re married ALL rules may not Apply

So what do you think?


What are your rules when feting with your significant other?



4 thoughts on “A Little Wine Never hurt Nobody ?

  • September 22, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    Hhahahhah love it, right on point .

  • September 25, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    True. The unspoken rules…leh we wine and have a good time. No bacchanal should come from that. 🙂

  • October 3, 2013 at 2:49 am

    I love it. Makes total sense.

  • October 29, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    Thanks guys! 🙂 LOL @ leh we wine and have a good time

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