Cropover 2015 mixes

One of the things I really really like about cropover is the music. It is a carnival with a fresh infusion of high energy and sweet soca with its own unique style.
It’s a wonderful palate cleanser from the endless repeat of last trini carnivals music. And tell the truth some of the cropover songs are world class.

At first it was a real struggle to get any sort of Cropover mix.
2months before Trinidad carnival you have mixes coming out the wazoo, even from non soca djs!
With Cropover on the other hand, it’s often a struggle to find the mixes.

Well last year I managed to gather some pretty good mixes for your listening pleasure.
I hope to do the same again this year in conjunction with who always has all the mixes you can ever need. As we receive the new mixes we will forward it to them to bring this music to you in a tidy and streamable format.
I will also be updating this post with my personal favorite mixes as I get them.
Don’t forget that another way to keep at the bleeding edge of new bajan soca is to listen to their radio stations

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This week’s new mix!