Xaymaca International ICONIC 2019

2019 marked yet another year of growth for Xaymaca International. We sold more costumes than ever before and had a bigger crowd on the road than ever before. Sure, this came with its growing pains but let me tell you, despite the problems one thing was for sure. THE ROAD WAS LIT!

The actual experience on the road with Xaymaca was FLAWLESS. The trucks were perfectly spaced and the crowd evenly spread. The eyecandy was amazing and no one was bracing anyone…wine was giving away free! The drinks trucks had more than enough staff with no long wait for drinks and last but certainly not least, the VIBES were amazing.

This was without doubt the best road experience I have had in Jamaica.

I will have this post updated with a video soon. In the meantime take a look at the photos I got!


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