Xaymaca International 2018 Review…..Big league!

2018 has proven to be a special year for carnival in Jamaica.  
This year we have crossed a threshold…from being the small carnival I relentlessly promoted to you as a great way to beat your Trinidad carnival tabanca, to a power in the carnival world.


In 2018 Carnival in Jamaica provided world class costumes on par with all but the biggest frontlines in Trinidad (and that soon improve).  

In 2018 Jamaica provided multiple bands to choose from (although I strongly suggest you choose my band Xaymaca International)

In 2018 we had more fetes than ever before…world class fetes both local and international at good prices.

2018 also heralded the arrival of more carnival chasers from around the globe than ever before with even the govenrment of our island continent taking notice!

In the future look out for this trend to only continue as Carnival in Jamaica finds its path both in terms of sheer size and activities but also culturally.    Local recording artists…..Im looking directly at you.

Look for a further meteoric rise next year as all 3 big bands turn up the heat, fixing issues and making the road experience even better.  And look out for more uniquely Jamaican fetes as more promoters shrug off the fear and throw their hats into the carnival fete arena.

As for Xaymaca specifically, the road parade felt like the largest I have take part in for Carnival in Jamaica!  The vibes were good from morning to night with beautiful people ALL around.  Shout out to the Emerald Lush and Stardust crews who really shelled down the road.

The lunch spot was a bit different this year as due to the large size of the band but air conditioned amenities, bars, and live DJ’d music plus VIBES were still the order of the day.

Overall it was one of my best Jamaica Carnival experiences.

Not to say it was perfect, but rest assured that all the issues have been identified and WILL be rectified in future.   Expect a better experience year after year with Xaymaca.


All of this boils down to one thing.   Next year, find yourself on the isle of wood and water with Xaymaca International!!!


Once you go, you know

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