When in Rome….. Dances to know for when you come to Jamaica

Fellow carnival chaser and blogger Bahamianista asked on her twitter what the new dances are and how to do them and a blog post is born!
Carnival in Jamaica is just around the corner and people are excited.  Carnival here in the land where dancehall is king is a little different.  Although fetes here will provide you with approximately 80% soca there WILL be a small injection of local dancehall that fits the same carnival vibe.  Look out for some local dance hits that are SOOOOO much more fun when you know the dances and can take part.

Im here to help.  Take a look at some of the newest dance hits locally and videos I found on how to do the dances.  Look….learn…..practise!

oh and by the way…for the road, XAYMACA has the hoookup


Genna bounce



Fling yu shoulder


Lebeh Lebeh

I’m also including some slightly older hits you may hear……


Roast or fry

Aji bounce

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