What travelling to Jamaica is like (June 2020 testimonial)

The government here has taken a measured and responsible approach to managing a necessary opening of our borders. Unlike some other islands we are extremely dependent on tourism and can’t keep our borders closed indefinitely without complete economic collapse. The government is also acutely aware that opening our borders will bring more cases and is doing their best to manage the influx with common sense measures as well as guidance from the WHO and our local health sector.

So far since the reopening, almost daily positive cases have arrived in the island. They are quickly detected and isolated and we are kept safe. Those who arrive and test negative currently still have to quarantine for 2 weeks with electronic geofencing to confirm their location (voluntary compliance also important).

It’s an imperfect system and it’s not impossible for a positive case to slip through, but the danger is at least being minimized. If Jamaicans take things seriously, wearing masks especially, we can help mitigate any spread from those that get through our borders, all while keeping our economy afloat and building/developing a robust local policy that can tackle the potential influx of visitors in October.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and do our part to keep Jamaica safe!

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