What kind of reveller should play mas with LEHWEGO?

Near the end of Cocoa Jouvert  a young lady said to me jokingly “I want to play mas with you guys in Jamaica carnival next year but I’m not sure my body is good enough”.

While she was joking (her body was quite nice) this is not the first time I am hearing this. Others have posted comments suggesting I want a section of hard bodies parading down the road.


While eyecandy isn’t a bad thing it’s not the main thing Lehwego is about.

I want a section filled with like minded people.

I want people who realize just how special carnival can be. As an expression of culture, time to reunite with old or meet new friends,
A time to be caught up in the joyous rapture that is the road at times.
People who realize how much carnival can be the catharsis to make the hard work during the year all worth it because they work so hard to further their career or perfect their craft/profession.


I want people who realize that their bodies, however humble, are the one and only vehicle to carry you through life and who take the time to cherish and strengthen it to make it a bit more like an exotic work of art, something to be desired and capable of withstanding the rigors of life.


I want people who love life and want to grab it by the balls.   in a fête you should leave nothing but a wake of fellow revellers watching in awe and a bit of fear at the ferocity of your wine.


So there u have it. Work hard at what you do for a living…prepare your body with a purpose …..play hard with nuff vibes and NO stushness. Everyone in our section will be just like you.  If you don’t have these qualities at the moment, don’t worry.  There was a time I didn’t either.



In terms of updates on the section we are on the verge of announcing a huge update of our plans.
I have also seen a few of the body wear options and the material we are using. Within a few weeks we will be importing the finished prototypes.  You are going to LOVE them.  Things are going better than planned!