thePMfete 2019

From the same team that brings you SUNKISSED and MOONSHINE comes thePMfete. This fete is a Premium Drink Inclusive, dress to theme fete that serves as a last hurrah before the road.

This year the theme was “RED LIGHT DISTRICT” and you better believe that the ladies did not come out to play. Women fearlessly came out in the sexiest, skimpiest outfits you could imagine. It was a sight to behold.

But it wasn’t just about the outfits. The vibes (aided by copious premium liquour) were definitely on point with wine ah fling left right and centre! it seems that everyone came to get wild and leave their inhibitions at home.

A beauty centre was on call for the ladies out by the immaculately cleaned bathrooms and Photography was on point with several top notch photographers covering the event.

Look out for more photos from the PM fete team on soon as well as my video coverage coming soon!

Overall, thePMfete was definitely one of the best fetes of the season. Flawless execution and patrons who stole the show made sure of that!

Take a look at some pics I took.


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