Thank you! From LehwegoSleek

This year was my first doing more than just giving you info on parties. This year I was part of a team that actually helped to bring forth mas. Doing this has been a dream of mine since I first embraced and accepted my addiction to carnival and it’s success cements my belief that once you believe in your dream you will eventually find a way to make it happen.
It was one of the most STRESSFUL endeavours I have undertaken outside of my medical internship. It involved endless, continuous phone calls. It involved infinite amounts of whatsapp chatter and my beard got quite a bit whiter in the process (now I understand president obama).
But in the end I don’t regret it at all. The team of Lehwego, Sleek and custom made carnival supplies knocked it out of the park with our private LehwegoSleek section in bacchanal Jamaica’s road parade.
Take a look

We need to thank:
Baccahanal Jamaica for allowing us the opportunity.
Massy trading Jamaica with banana boat and Schick , Smart eggs, Nestlé, Pure country, Alhambra inn.

I want to also thank the people who took it upon themselves to help even though they didn’t have to….. To call names, Noel, Nequesha, Staci among others.
And special thanks goes out to my wife who supported and helped through this entire process.

We finally and most importantly thank you our masqueraders.

We are already planning to do things bigger and better next year as we strive to bring you the carnival experience you desire!

Make sure to jump with us as we #dothetriple in cropover with Xhosa. This year’s hot new cropover band. We promise to make it worth your while.

Thank you!