Sunset jouvert review, Jamaica carnival 2014,

The Jamaica carnival landscape changed dramatically this year with Sunnation especially stepping up their game to bring soca lovers in jamaica bigger and better events.

sunset 2

This year marked the first staging of  Sunset Jouvert.

Held in hope gardens at 4pm to 12am the event was visually stunning even in the darkness.  The lush gardens provided the perfect backdrop for the event which was essentially Jamaica’s first alternative jouvert.

The party started on a large lawn near the back gate.
The bars were fully stocked with premium liquor and the drinks were HUGE!
After a short performance by Lil Rick we hit the road inside of hope gardens.
The vibes were electric!

The jouvert used cocoa instead of paint. It smelled like chocolate and made a fine mess but washed off instantly with water. ALL JOUVERTS IN JAMAICA SHOULD USE COCOA!!

sunset 3

By the end of the night I crawled back to my car with a smile on my face.
Both because of the awesome time I had just experienced and the knowledge that this is just the start of a Renaissance for Jamaica Carnival.

New and exciting events like these will form the backbone of a strong and vibrant Jamaica carnival.


Take a look at the video of the night and photos below.



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