Sunrise breakfast fete 2013 review

Every carnival season has that ONE fete…..

….that one fete that captures your heart and mind. That wraps you up in the euphoria that IS carnival. That one fete where you are pelted with Bamsee left, right and centre.

This year (and last year too) that one fete in Jamaica was SUNRISE! This fete is in a category by itself when it comes to soca parties here and as such we are launching a new category on the blog in its honour.

Every carnival we attend we will hand out one Gold Star for the Best carnival fete. In Trinidad I think we bestow that honour on Three fete friday night. In Jamaica, the undiputed Gold star goes to Sunrise.

For weeks we knew it was going to be good…..EVERYONE was talking about it. I worried that the posers would come and flop the fete but that didn’t happen. The intoxicating mix of rum and sun with a scoop of Blaxx and Machel was just right!

This party had VIBES and I don’t mean by Jamaican soca fete standards….I mean by ANY standard.

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The fete has doubled in size this year and I can only imagine how massive it will be next year based on the reviews but by hook or by crook I will be there.

Don’t take my word for it though. Take a look at the sights and sounds below. Remember to watch in HD! Click HERE for photos!


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