Sundown cooler fete 2013 review


Saturday March 23 was the date and it saw the establishment of a new staple on the carnival scene.
Sun nation, founded by Olly, PP and Bellamy, once again brought us a fete worthy of being on the recommended fete list.

The venue was the Red Bull pond in the idyllic Hope gardens. The dancefloor was built over the water raising the risk of disaster, but if you don’t live life on the edge you are taking up too much space.

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Of course crowd looked great and was filled with soca junkies back from Trinidad who knew all the new music and didn’t want to hear no “palance”.

The people also took the cooler theme VERY seriously.  I think I even saw digicel branded coolers being carried about!  Even though I came with my two long hands I manged to sponge drinks off a couple well stocked friends:)

Well no video this time guys but I did get a few photos myself and my partner in crime, ThinkAkil, got many, many gorgeous shots that you can see here!

Next stop on the recommended fete list, Bacchanal Beach Jouvert!  Also be sure to check Fantastic Friday, also in Ocho Rios, if you are there!

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