SPF SCORCH Cruise, Jamaica

The holiday weekend in Jamaica is finally here.  I packed up my equipment and made my way across the island to the SPF weekend.

The day started full of promise.  The property was palatial and it was immediately obvious that those staying for the entire weekend for the property party would surely get their money’s worth with respect to the hotel.

We made our way to the boat and after a short while set off to sea for what I thought would be a life changing party.

Hell on earth!

Turns out I was completely correct.   But not like you think.

Just a few minutes out from the calm shores of Ocho rios the seas became a “bit choppy”.

Kinda reminded me of the closing 10 minutes of a movie called “the perfect storm”

The constant bucking soon caused a little unease in my tummy, threw peoples sunglasses off their heads and caused the creation of a seasick section in the back of the boat.   They say keeping your eyes on the horizon diminishes sea sickness….not if the horizon is bucking like a bronco on amphetamines!  Me and my seasick peeps  could be sighted holding on to railings or whatever else we could find.  If you were lucky, you may have caught a glimpse of ManLi  hurling his guts into a plastic bag in the back (yay!).

How was the party?

Well the concept of a catamaran cruise party is still somewhat new here in Jamaica.  The crowd seemed to be more into chatting and liming (and puking) at first.  The second half of the trip thankfully had much calmer seas and the party had a much better vibe. By that time the ample shots of patron had started to soak into the guests and it was time to misbehave!  There was a nice mix of music with about 20% soca.   The crowd loved the soca. I’m not sure why they didn’t play more.

The vibes got sweet and if you closed your eyes you could imagine you were in Trinidad…..then 5 minutes later the boat docked and the party was over!  Yep.  That’s how it felt!  Just as the vibes got sweet the cruise prematurely came               back to port.  We all know how frustrating that can be.


Overall the party has potential, for those who can manage.  I for one could not cross it!


See below for the gallery.  I will post around 60 more photos on the Lehwego Facebook page soon.  Like the page and stay tuned.


UPDATE:  More pics here!

Only fisher-man or fisher-ooman….Truss mi!

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