Soca Republic Party bus review

Soca Republic’s Party Bus Crew


Bright and early on Saturday morning I hit the road and headed to Truck Stop to meet the Soca Republic team.  The crowd was larger than expected and everyone came decked out in their Mr. and Mrs. Fete T-shirts.  The buses were soon stocked with alcohol and we hit the road.  The coaster buses we have here in Jamaica are not exactly condusive to partying, especially when ALL the seats are full, but fortunately I got a good crew on the bus I travelled on with, drinks and jokes abounding.    Just like with  Candy Coated Events Party bus, Soca republic’s buses served to build up a crew and break the ice so the party started with more vibes for us.

At the end of the fete there was a small amount of confusion as to where to meet the buses, but fortunately the organizers pulled it all together and we made it home with all members present.

One cannot understate the value of a ride to and from a party like Beach J’ouvert.  Not having to worry about driving really makes the rum go down easier:)

We look forward to more from Soca Republic starting April 15th, Road march day, with an affiliated event they are promoting called “Carnival One” at Truck Stop.


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