Roll with Lehwego and SVD to frenchmen foreplay

Frenchmen foreplay is THE event of the summer here in jamaica. I can also confidently say it is among the best parties in the Caribbean as well.
This year the price is almost 100usd and for that much money I’m gonna make sure I get my money’s worth in terms of food and drink. I also planned to go down and return to kingston the same day.

This is a problem.
It’s gonna be hard to eat and drink and party my 100usd out of that party then drive back home on a dark highway after.
That’s just asking for trouble and I have seen the end results of too many car crashes to even consider it. You shouldn’t either.

We will arrive early enough for us to get on the catamaran.
We will arrive early enough for us to get on the catamaran.

SO…The Lehwego team has joined forces with Soca Vs Dancehall (SVD) and Heineken for ROLLING!
We will take you there and back in comfort. With a major drinks sponsor like Heineken on board we can assure you that you will not go thirsty on the drive down.

We leave Kingston at 12 midday on Sunday Oct 19th arriving at frenchmen early enough to head out on the catamaran they will have for us early birds.
Departure time from Frenchmen will be 10pm.
If you need tickets for Frenchmen and to reserve your spot on the bus, call @ 876-881-6275.

The cost is 2000$ ja.    A small price for sweet vibes, beautiful people and a great (and safe) time!

Your spot is NOT secure until payment is made