Pandemonium Jamaica 2013

Pandemonium Jamaica was this years new kid on the block. Just because they are new don’t assume they didn’t bring their A-game. Organized by shaggy’s management team and partnered with Machel Meant that this fete was destined to be great.
Held on carnival Friday in Jamaica, the fete went up against Bacchanal Jamaicas jouvert as well as other smaller jouverts in the area. Pandemonium was different in that they used coloured powder instead of paint. What this meant is that one hour after the powder was released people were covered in colourful splashes of powder instead of being covered in a wet layer of brown/orange paint. The powder comes off MUCH more easily and looks MUCH better!
I for one hope that they stick with the powder next year as overall it makes for a much better look and experience.
The other thing pandemonium had going was the performance lineup.

Patrice Roberts
Farmer nappy

This power packed lineup thrilled the crowd from beginning to end with Machel delivering his usual thrilling performance.
At about 4am the pandemonium truck hit the road starting at emancipation park. The route was relatively short with lots of stops to jam on the road. This part of the night was a blast, and I even saw Machel hitting the road for part of the night with the crowd.

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I left just at the crack of dawn in order to get to the Sunrise breakfast fete on time, but I can safely say a Jamaica has a new player for carnival. They are coming big and, from what I hear, plan to come even bigger next year to give bacchanal mas camp a run for their money. Competition is the spice of life! The future looks bright and Pandemonium….Lehwego will be back next year!

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