Missing Trinidad carnival? There is a fix for that. Try Carnival in Jamaica!

Stuff happens. Work requirements may stop you. Financial difficulties. Accidents.  Friends copping out. Academic respinsibilities. You name it, there are a million reasons that can pop up to make you miss the greatest show on earth…. Trinidad carnival.
After spending an agonising 30 minutes bumped from my flight for Cropover I can literally imagine how it must feel. I also l had to miss Trinidad carnival in 2007 and I still have “missing carnival” nightmares.

Well Lehwego is here to offer those of you in a missing Trinidad carnival situation a viable alternative.

For years you have heard me spout on about “doing the double”  but Jamaica carnival is now at the level where it’s a good alternative for those missing trini carnival. It’s now worthy of doing as a single:)

Carnival Tuesday (33 of 239)
Jamaica carnival now has enough fetes with at least one per day from easter Friday straight till Road March the next Sunday.  (APRIL 12, 2015)
The road in Jamaica is fun,  colourful, energetic and lasts all day,  with lunch and dinner and an after party.
Jamaica carnival is also much more cost effective than Trinidad with rooms at hotels starting at 80 usd,  drinks inclusive fetes averaging 35usd (max is Frenchmen at 90usd) and costumes under 500 for ladies and 250 for men.

Jamaica carnival is growing.  The fete department especially is improving annually. The increased number of fetes have led to a battle of value for money amongst fete promoters.

If you spend 50 usd here expect excellent service from the promoter.  A far cry from more mature carnivals where promoters use their reputations to charge over 100usd to provide a long ass line to get in the door followed by a super duper long line for food then overcrowded and understaffed bars that run out of drinks and minimal creature comforts or decor.

Not calling any names but one well known party I went to at a carnival very recently fit the above description very well.

In Jamaica for a bit more than half that price you can expect a food and drinks inclusive party with more food servers and bartenders than you can shake a stick at with premium everything!

road march  (105 of 290)

So I know you will feel the pain if you have to miss but at least you now know you have the chance to make the pain less, and have fun for less!

Keep an eye out for lehwego as we will have a section of costumes for carnival and will again have our ticket concierge service for your convience!


See you in APRIL

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