Marbana, Jamaica 2014 review

Nestled in the scenic confines of the beautiful  portland coastline is Frenchmens cove.
It’s beauty is world renowned and people the world over have made the trip to Jamaica simply to grace it’s shores.  
This was the venue for Marbana, M7events newest offering. 

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Set the day after beach jouvert on a long weekend it promised much with the inclusion of Nuphoric from Trinidad pumping soca along side several local djs.

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From the moment we entered the venue we could tell this party was different from the norm.
Beautiful decor matched the beautiful people.
Food was on point with award winning chef Brian Lumley actually standing at a food station cooking food for patrons. World famous chefs making my food in a fête……wins.

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The vibes built throughout the afternoon with a mix of musical genres on play. I hope the promoters noticed how the soca energized the crowd though. I think making this a 100% soca fête would only be fitting given its timing. M7events…take my humble advice….you are sitting on something with GREAT potential!

100% soca please!!!

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By nightfall the vibes were fully on point. Everyone had a full belly and enough top shelf liquor to be a bit wobbly. We all partied till we were weak and crawled home…The next morning was Canboulay. We had to save a little bit for that.

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Overall this was an excellent fête. In terms of setup and venue it was unsurpassed. In terms of the effort put out by the promoters to please patrons, truly impressive.

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I expect a heavier soca influence next year and I also expect to see YOU. This one cannot be missed.  

 See photos HERE     and     HERE



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