Marbana and Canboulay updates for Jamaica Carnival 2014

Easter weekend in Jamaica is always a great party weekend, but previously the only soca event has been Beach J’ouvert in Ocho Rios.  This year Jamaica Carnival is starting to move to higher heights and we have 2 new parties held in the lush and beautiful parish of Portland.

I have managed to get a few new tidbits of information on each venue.



IMG-20140309-WA0001 IMG-20140309-WA0002


When it comes to high class parties, M7events knows what they are doing.  We can expect a beautiful venue, beautiful people, lots of vibes and everything you could possibly want in a party including Nuphoric of Truck 5 in Tribe this year.  Think of Beach House on a beach with Bikinis everywhere!  Don’t worry about anything….just GO!




camb IMG-20140308-WA0006

I have been in close contact with this promoter and can confirm that they are doing all they can to produce a Trinidad quality event.  The promoter even went to Trinidad carnival to “gather info”.  I can imagine seeing the sun rise over the hills by that beach now.  A full breakfast with a fantastic mix of Jamaican and Trinidadian foods will be served and the vibes are sure to be right.


So it looks like its going to be quite a weekend.  I for one plan to enjoy Beach Jouvert and early the next morning head over to a hotel in Portland to enjoy these new parties.  I am sure this is the start of an avalanche of parties in what looks to be the future epicenter of soca for Easter in Jamaica!



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