Lehwegocarnival.com Jamaica carnival fete tickets.

It has always been a pet peeve of mine about how hard it is to get tickets for some events in Trinidad.  With Jamaica carnival growing at the rate it is, many revellers from outside Jamaica are now looking for easy ways to get tickets to our local fetes.

Well I tried several different ways and in the end they are all imperfect and so I have decided to take the plunge myself.

For #jamaicacarnival2014 I will be offering ticket concierge for selected fetes for a limited number of persons.

The service will come at a price of 10usd per ticket ordered.  Every 5th tickets you order will have no fee.  So if you order 10 tickets in total you only pay fees on 8!

For that price I will meet you with the tickets at a central location in Kingston (and ONLY Kingston!)  when you arrive in the island.


I will carry:

  • Frenchmen RISE UP
  • Marbana
  • Canboulay
  • Dusk
  • I Love Soca
  • Blocko
  • Pandemonium
  • Caesars army (exceedingly limited)
  • Sunrise
  • Bazodee
  • Glow


To order,
1. email [email protected]

2. In the email tell us the name of the fetes and numbers in this format.
Party name – number of tickets.

Let us know the day and time that you arrive in Kingston and also give us a contact number that you can be reached at , including WhatsApp.

3.We will then contact you to confirm they are available,  tell you the total cost of tickets and fees and let you know how to send the funds.


Jamaica carnival 2014 will be special.  Its my duty to help you COME!



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    please check your email!

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