LEHWEGO + SLEEK. More than just a costume….an Experience!


I have always believed the potential of carnival in Jamaica is massive. I believe so strongly I decided to put my money where my mouth is and host a section in Bacchanal Jamaica.
Sleek is another mover and shaker in the social scene here.
The owner is none other than Andrew Bellamy, one of the persons most responsible for the recent renaissance carnival in Jamaica is experiencing

This is where things get interesting.
Recently, Sleek and Lehwego decided to collaborate.
Instead of putting on 2 separate sections, both with the same goals, we have come together to bring to Carnival in Jamaica things neither of us could do on our own easily.


The costumes are literally at another level, with design by Natalie James who has quietly designed for carnivals around the world and had designed for lehwegofrontline from its inception. Male design is always a weakness in Mas, but no more! Our male costume will buck the norm for Carnival in Jamaica.

Natalie James of CMCS
Natalie James of CMCS

At this point the details are top secret but on January 3rd we will introduce you to a total carnival package.

This experience will involve Catering to your carnival needs from registration, to the road and even after.

It’s more than just a costume.

It’s an experience!

We want to keep all of our plans secret so we can surprise you but you better believe that after 2015, Carnival in Jamaica will never be the same.

On Jan 4th we start registration and the costumes you want will be limited so prepare yourselves.

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