Lehwego Frontline! Upgrade your Bacchanal Jamaica costume!

Now that Jamaica carnival costumes have launched I am sure a lot of you are wondering what you can do to stand out from the crowd.  Carnival isn’t about looking like all the other people in your section, its about being extra.  Carnival is your licence to be narcissistic for a day.  Lehwegofrontline is the way to achieve that stand out look.

You start with your standard Bacchanal Jamaica costume and decide what you want to add.  You may want a Full sized Binged the #(&$# out Headpiece!   You may want a Collar!  maybe Wings? or maybe just armpieces.  The only limitation is your imagination!


Remember that the more intricate the piece and the more/ larger feathers you use, the higher the cost. The custom made parts can be any colour, so if you see a style on this page in another colour just tell us the costume you bought and we will match it.

Prices vary depending on the sizes and the feathers but here is a rough guide:


– Custom made corsets USD45 upwards


– Decorated regular bras USD 37 upwards


– Monokini’s USD40 upwards


– Monokini (with wire bra) USD50 upwards


– Tiara (Headpc) Depends on frame


– Boot (decorated and undecorated) From USD40


– Underwear (Hot shorts and panties) Depends on size


– Collars USD75 upwards


– Backpacks USD100 upwards


– Arm and leg pieces USD60 upwards


Your custom made piece will be one of a kind.

Email [email protected] for more info and like us on facebook here.


are you going to UPGRADE!

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