Jamaicas 2015 Carnival season begins–Reviews.

The Jamaican soca season has started off with a bang. The first 3 fetes as the year were all new events and from what I see so far we are in for a good time as we roll towards Carnival in Jamaica.

First up was Levitate.

This one was billed as a soca fete with a touch of EDM.  I have always thought EDM and soca share a similar energy and was keen to see how they would mesh in a fete.

The event was held in Hope Zoo and the setup was good. A spacious dance floor and lots of space at the 2 bars made for a comfortable night.  I was very happy to see the return of a drinks inclusive fete as I personally am not a big fan of managing a cooler.  I want my drinks made and handed to me.  The light show was great as well,  as expected for a fete that’s partly EDM.

The crowd was slightly less than full (about half) but those that did come out had a serious party vibe and very little posing was seen.

Overall I think this was a solid showing for a first event for Levitate and I’m sure we will be seeing more from them.

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Next we went to “S”  the official soca series.

This was held at the Manhattan bar in new Kingston.

The venue was tastefully decorated and when I got there, pretty full. The crowd was a nice mix of young and old with the “I am soca”  crew in full force on the dance floor. At first it was the usual dancing crew in the middle and posers at the edge,  but soon the wining crew insinuated itself throughout the fete. Young and old were wining as one that night. The vibes stayed good the entire night as well.

The one downside was the pay bar but for the low price of under 10usd to enter who could really complain.

This fete series had a solid start and I predict they will be full all season long. Look for the next edition on March 14th.

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Next was Karnival countdown.

This is the next new fete series to be held every Thursday for the carnival season here.  Kandi king has a hand in this venture and it seems that this year she almost literally has the midas touch.

The venue,  Mahogany tree bar in Devon house, was top notch with a lot of visual appeal.  There were well stocked bars with lots of space for liming for those who came to lime as well as a nice indoor dance floor for the wining posse. The setup was really good. Hats off to the organisers.

The cover is an affordable 5usd and it’s a pay bar.

Music on the opening night was top notch with DJ Richie RAS, Lantern and Dei Musicale.

I came and left early but even the early bounce had a nice vibe in the dance floor section and  the socialites were having a good time too 🙂

This one is a no brainer for the discerning feter. Whether you want to get sweaty on the dancefloor or lime elegantly with your friends this one is for you.

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To see what fete is next remember to check my international fete calendar.

After trinidad we continue on the road to Carnival in Jamaica.