Jamaica opens it’s entertainment industry (just a tups)

So after months of waiting and a few hiccups along the way, Jamaica is now taking the first small steps to opening it’s entertainment industry. The tourism industry has been open for a while now and the use of the “resilient corridor” (aka quarantine the tourists in the resorts) has kept the local population safe. Active known cases in Jamaica continues to fall (86 as of july14) and we have very few covid hospitalizations that suggest the known numbers are close to the actual numbers.

This is against this background that the government is taking the following tentative steps which are to be reviewed regularly.

and we can soon expect the first announcement from local carnival entities including xaymaca international with it’s pop up and park up car fete.

Many are saying this reopening attempt is dangerous but when you look at the facts we see:

  1. There are very few local cases.
  2. Safety measures will be taken and events closely monitored to ensure these measures.
  3. If numbers change, the measures will be quickly reversed

So let’s all look closely at the upcoming events and ensure that the promoters have taken the time to properly plan and ensure our safety. If you like what you see then it’s welcome to the hunger games to get one of those 250 tickets!

See you there!

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