Jamaica carnival 2013 fete update! Something epic is coming!

The carnival season in Jamaica is just now coming to life and Lehwego has been keeping its ear to the ground for news of any new developments for 2013.

Mas camp Friday fetes will start on February 15. Thats all I have to say about that!

Island mas Jamaica
Island mas was a great alternative to the bacchanal jamaica mas camp parties last year. It looks like there will be fewer of these events this year but don’t worry, other events by some of the same organizers will fill the gaps. Overall there will be bigger and better alternatives to the Friday night fetes.

The Perfect Storm


The last rumor I have heard is a very exciting one indeed. Lehwego is not alone in thinking that Jamaica has a lot of potential in terms of the soca fetes we can offer during the carnival season. Fortunately, the other heavy hitters in the soca fete market feel the same way. We will have the usual palette of Soca fetes in the season but. I have discovered that the promoters of I Love Soca, Sunrise/Sunset cooler fetes, Bleu and Soca vs Dancehall are all in discussions to jointly hold what may very well be the MOST EPIC SOCA FETE EVER (in Jamaica)! I have been sworn to secrecy but I can assure you that each promoter brings unique and powerful cards to the table in terms of what they can offer patrons and all together they will be offering something mind blowing ( just the description of the venue has put a smile on my face). This seems to be on schedule for late in the Jamaica carnival fete calendar, closer to our “road march”.

After this we have Jamaica carnival. One month later, in late May (24th-27th at the Grand Palladium) we have the return of Bleu. This soca heavy party has never failed to please Jamaican socaphiles and I don’t expect it to start now. I will keep you posted!

Keep an eye on lehwego.com for more news on this and other developments in Jamaicas carnival fete landscape.


Are you ready to Fete?

One thought on “Jamaica carnival 2013 fete update! Something epic is coming!

  • January 18, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Ooooh!!! Please give me a “prups” (iz dat how it spell?) — heads up– if the Epic multi-promoter event will not be held in town… I need it to be held in town … 🙂
    But if not, I need as much advanced warning as possible so that I can plan 😀

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