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I recently caught up with Andrew Bellamy, local entrepeneur and founder of the ever popular Wata party and Island mas.   I asked him a few questions and here is what he had to say.

When did you start island mas?:

We started Island Mas Jamaica officially in January 2007 with the combination of two promotional party groups. 


Why did you start it?:

Island Mas Jamaica started out of a need at the time for more soca fetes and out of a genuine love for hosting great parties for friends and the general public…



Did you have help/ meet resistance?:

As with any new venture, the first couple years required determination, commitment and real creativity to successfully execute great events given limited sponsorship support and being partially viewed as a unnecessary competition to the niche market ..


What new are you bringing to the table?:

Each year we try to improve our production, we try even harder to better the patron experience while assessing our local market and providing whats missing. So for 2012, Island Mas Jamaica will be hosting it’s SOCA VILLAGE for 6 weeks, starting Saturday February 11th, with one aim, to host a friendly, soca lyming spot for lovers of soca music, with the overall aim of enhancing the soca experience in Kingston.



What are your future ambitions re carnival?:

Island Mas Jamaica, since inception has had the dream to not only have an impact within the season through parties, but to one day have a noticeable presence on the road through a Band.


how can people get info on your events? : Island Mas can be reach via; email – [email protected] or or or @islandmasja (twitter)



I took a drive to the Island Mas venue and got these photos.  Ample parking and a large bar are already present.  All Island Mas needs now is YOU!


The venue should be perfect for the start of something good.  Lehwego fully recommends Island mas at the village cafe and will bring you more as the weeks go on!

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